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Deploy These Step-Skipping Strategies And Build Your Course

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I know the secret to creating high-quality courses FAST. And I can show you how!

Teach me the secret!

I know the secret to creating high-quality courses FAST. And I can show you how!

Teach me the secret!
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"Teresa is amazing and making sure that she over delivers on every single thing that she promises. She took so much time, effort and energy that all of us that were in there every single day implementing what we are learning."
Chantelle Turner
Founder of

Teresa, since going through your training and specifically your conversion training, I have seen the results you promised within less than a week!!!

- Cheri Evans

Teresa gave me the confidence to grow my business by giving me step by step instructions. Because of Teresa I have been able to successfully gain customers and grow my business!

- Shaelene Trees Kays

Thank you so much for this practical, step-by-step, thorough approach and how to proceed. You are a great teacher.!

- Suzanne Schaeffer
Are you a business owner full of knowledge and know-how, who has something valuable to share with the world, but just haven’t figured out HOW to do it? It’s okay.
I see you.
Maybe you’re just starting out and struggling to take off. 

Maybe you’ve been in business for a while but feel like the second you stop working the money stops coming in the door... 

Or maybe you’ve been working SO HARD that it often feels like your business is running you!

If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel and finally start making TRUE progress, you’re in the right place! Because I’m about to share with you the key to a profitable and scalable business… The Online Course.
Why YOU Need a Course in Your Business
You’ve probably THOUGHT about creating a course...after all, everyone and their mom seems to be talking about them online.
But...are they really worth the hype?
100% YES!
Creating a course will allow you to:
  • Package up your expertise
  • Start generating “passive income” in your business
  • Reach MORE people than ever before
  • Grow your audience
  • ​Position you as the expert you are

The Top 3 Myths about Course Creation

If you’ve thought about launching an info course before but haven’t pulled the trigger and done it, my guess is you’re experiencing one of a handful of common issues... 

You’re overthinking it. 
You’re letting perfectionism keep you from getting things done.
You’re going round in circles instead of making real progress. 

There’s a lot of information out there about course creation, so why are there so many entrepreneurs struggling to get their courses out???

I’ll tell you why…

There are a lot of myths about course creation. Once we banish those myths, you’re going to realize that YOU CAN create a course and that the only thing stopping you is YOU! 

Myth #1:
Creating a Course Is Hard

The number one reason business owners hold themselves back from creating a course is that they think it’s going to be complicated. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

With the right system in place, creating a course is SIMPLE. 

Yes, I said it! Creating a course doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, you already have EVERYTHING you need in your head. 

You have the keys to your course already. You just need someone to show you how to unlock the information and lay it out in a way that makes sense!

Myth #2:
It’s only possible to succeed after you’ve launched a few failures

Some people are going to tell you that you have to launch a lemon before you can put together a winning course. That’s 100% FALSE. 

You’re a business owner. You don’t have time for failure. You don’t have time to waste on courses that aren’t going to sell. 

There’s a winning formula out there for how to launch a successful course. It’s the same formula that I have followed time and time again to launch successful courses–the same formula I’ve used with hundreds of clients. 

You don’t have to start at ground zero. You can learn from what other people have already done. You can follow winning strategies and create a high-quality course, even if you’ve never launched one before!

Myth #3:
You have to put your business on hold for weeks (or even months) to create your course

I’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people over the years. I’ve seen a lot of people with great ideas for courses that never get off the ground. 

Over and over again, their hesitation came down to the same obstacle—time. 

We tell ourselves that we need to take weeks or months to create our course. Then one of two things happens:

We put our business on the backburner for WAY too long working on the course, causing our business to suffer...

Or we dabble in it here and there and NEVER actually finish it! 

When you take too long to create your course, you:

Lose momentum
Break up your flow
Overthink it
The truth is that you CAN create a high-quality course in less than 7 days.

How? By SKIPPING the steps you don’t need and focusing on the ones you do! 

Say hello to...

The six-module course that will help you break the rules that have been holding you back, skip the steps you’ve been over thinking, and cut out all the fluff so that you can create a high-quality course in less than 7 days!

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do (and none of what you don’t!) And I’m going to walk you through it step by step. 
Operation: Course Creation is unlike any other program out there. 

Our goal isn’t to keep you studying and learning, our goal is to help you create a profitable online course. 

That means we’re leaving everything out that has the ability to leave you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or more confused than ever before.
Operation: Course Creation is all about ACTION And designed to show you how to break rules, skip steps, and CREATE YOUR COURSE! 
Inside operation: Course Creation you’ll discover:
  • What unique course you can bring into the world
  • How YOU can solve the problems your audience needs solutions for
  • The simple tricks to creating your course outline
  • How to start pre-selling your course RIGHT AWAY
  • ​The most effective way to tell your story
  • How to film your course videos without spending thousands of dollars
Then...we’re going to put it ALL together! By the end of this course, you aren’t just going to know how to create a course. You’ll have ALREADY CREATED IT. 
You’ll have a powerful course, ready to launch, that you created in less than a week!
Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Module 1:

What Will You Contribute?

I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs hold themselves back while they try to “choose their passion.”

Here’s the thing—passion is great. Self-discovery is great. But they aren’t excuses to hold yourself back! It’s time to STOP searching and FIND OUT what you have to offer RIGHT NOW.

In module 1, we’re going to walk through the EXACT process you need to figure out what it is you’re going to offer. 
You’ll also learn how to:
  • Get over your imposter syndrome and BELIEVE in what you’re offering
  • Flip your mindset so you can create BIG CHANGES in the world
  • Turn failure into SUCCESS
  • And more!

Module 2:

The Result You Will Get for Your People

The only way your course is going to be successful is if it’s designed to truly help your customers! 

We’re going to discover your audience’s pains and desires, figure out what problems they have, and generate a solution! 
We’ll cover how to:
  • Get clear on exactly who YOUR dream customers are.
  • Get inside your dream customer’s head so you can offer them the exact solution they need (and will gladly pay for).
  • Build a powerful course outline in just minutes. Yes, I said minutes!
  • How to turn this into THE solution to their problem so buying what you’re offering is a no-brainer. It will be something your dream customers can’t wait to get their hands on.
  • Quickly make the tweaks needed to ensure maximum results for your clients (and buy-in from them, too).

Module 3:

Your Course Outline

Structuring your course so that it delivers on what you are promising is CRUCIAL to a successful outcome for your people.

Get this step wrong and you have frustrated customers that will go elsewhere for help.

Get it just right and they will be your customers for LIFE!
Here’s just a taste of how module 3 will help you create the foundation of your offer:
  • You know the end result you want for your customers – NOW, what are the steps to get them there?
  • What are the 3 (or more) key ideas they need from you to get positive results?
  • Discover how to effectively map out your entire course in an easy-to-visualize format so you aren’t left scratching your head wondering if it all makes sense.
  • Review your outline and ensure it’s in the order THEY need it in.
  • A clear, easy-to-follow approach is key to a successful program. A misstep here, and the whole process falls apart.


Module 4:

Setting Up the Modules

It isn’t rocket science, but structuring your modules the RIGHT way is a key component of a successful product. 

A vision of what you want your course to accomplish guides your decisions and what you use to measure success.

Without a plan of action, your course could easily veer down a path you end up hating plus waste countless amounts of time and money, besides never getting your customer the result you promised.

Module 4 will show you exactly how to craft YOUR personal vision in an easy-to-consume, and implement, format.
  • EXACTLY what to say in each video. So simple you’ll think there’s a catch.
  • The 5 expensive mistakes most people make when creating their modules (and how to avoid them).
  • How a crystal clear vision makes this step easy.
  • Discover why using a SCRIPT is a Course Creation no-no.
  • How to make your story sell it. Most people don’t know how to use their own story to help their customer (get it, I mean get more sales). The story that happened to you to transform your life will help transform your people’s lives.

Module 5:

Record the Videos

The mindset block that we need to be an expert videographer or “perfect” in front of the camera can send us into procrastination overload.

Not everything we believe is actually true, especially when it comes to what we’re capable of when we are sharing our passion.

Most people harbor uncertainty or fear about being in front of the camera. In module 5, we’re going to tackle those fears and replace them with beliefs that’ll propel your course straight to the next level.

You won’t just tackle them! I’ll help you through them and you’ll get your videos done!

In module 5 you’ll learn...
  • How searching for “the best recording equipment” is sabotaging you.
  • 5 ways to prepare yourself to help your people see your heart and not your nervous knees.
  • Your limiting beliefs are the monster under the bed. These simple tips will have you comfortable in front of the camera in no time.
  • No “drones” in our videos. These techniques will help you deliver your content fast with precision and have your customers complimenting you on how concise and easy to understand your message is.

Module 6:

Start Offering Your Product

Finally, getting the results you want can’t happen without getting your offer out there. 

That’s why creating a launch plan is so essential for leveling up your success and creating the life you want. Without a plan, how will people discover you have what they need?
Module 6 is all about crafting YOUR unique launch. Here are a few things you’ll learn to help you do that:
  • Great, I have a product—now what? Discover what thousands of my successful students now know so you can implement it to launch your product with a BANG!
  • HANDS DOWN the best way to make your offer better than your competition.
  • Tweak your funnel — Yikes, what funnel? Don’t worry; it’s all ready for you! I’m giving it to you! A proven funnel is the secret sauce when it comes to selling your product, and boy do I have a good one for you.
  • Stand out from everyone else with these proven promotion methods.

But Wait! There’s More!!!

I also have some AMAZING bonuses that will help you kick your course into high gear!

Bonus 1:

Mindset Mastermind

A 1:1 strategy session to get you past your limiting beliefs so you’re ready to rock this whole course creation thing!

Bonus 2:

Monthly Group Coaching with My Top Coaches

Worried that you won’t know how to keep your momentum going? Don’t worry, my top coaches have you covered!

Bonus 3:

Ready-Made Sales Funnels

Not sure how to tackle that whole “sales funnel” thing? I’m giving you pre-made templates and how-to videos with everything you need to sell your course!

Bonus 4:

Operation: Course Creation Achievement Medal

Join the ranks of my clients who are CRUSHING it with your special achievement medal when you complete the course! 

I’m In! How Much Does it Cost?

Because of Operation: Course Creation’s unique content, high-touch level of support, and the exclusive community of high-level business owners you get access to, the Operation: Course Creation program is by application only.

We’d love to invite you to apply for one of our limited spots!

You, my friend, have a choice to make. You can go back to your business and keep running it as it is. 

But whatever brought you here, whether it’s a desire to serve more people, for passive income, or to share your knowledge with the world… you should know that desire isn’t going anywhere. 

You can tell yourself that SOMEDAY you’ll be ready. SOMEDAY you’ll create a course. SOMEDAY you’ll share what you have to offer with the world. SOMEDAY… can decide that SOMEDAY is now. You can apply for Operation: Course Creation, and begin a journey that will change everything for your business by allowing you to package up your expertise and

create a rock-solid course in less than 7 days!

This button will take you to a page where you can fill out and submit your application.

My team and I will review your application within 48 hours,

then be in touch to make sure Operation: Course Creation is the right fit for you.

If it is, we’ll explain the next steps.

If it’s not, don’t worry—we’ll let you know that, too. And we’ll let you know what you need to do to have a chance to get in.

My team and I can’t wait to get your application, and we look forward to the day we get to welcome you to Operation: Course Creation!

My team and I will review your application within 48 hours,

then be in touch to make sure Operation: Course Creation is the right fit for you.

If it is, we’ll explain the next steps.

If it’s not, don’t worry—we’ll let you know that, too. And we’ll let you know what you need to do to have a chance to get in.

My team and I can’t wait to get your application, and we look forward to the day we get to welcome you to Operation: Course Creation!

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I absolutely Love Teresa Ramos Harding’s training and videos, they are freaking AMAZING. She is a true team leader because she holds herself to the highest of standards and is always encouraging and upbeat! She is a game changer!

- Sharon Gargiulo

We want to follow in the footsteps you have become so successful with. We love your transparency, ideology philosophy and encouragement you instill in your practices. I would love to meet you someday! Thanks again.

- Joan Rosenbaum

I have worked with Teresa for many years. I have always appreciated her professionalism and dedication. During this time she has provided support, education and invaluable training. Teresa has helped my husband and I grow our business so that we now have the income and time
freedom we desired. She is a wonderful leader, teacher and I;m privileged to also call her a friend.

- Chris Stolworthy

I've never received so much for $15.00!!! You're such an angel to be so generous to open such a valuable door to us

- Rosye G Dingle

The tools you and your team shared are fabulous for business building and I am so
appreciative of your time and willingness to share your talents.

- Karla Gleason
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